Please find more information on our Newham Mosques app project and donate generously

Bank transfer to:


Bank: Barclays

Sort Code: 20-89-15

Account Number: 43756785

Newham Mosques is a community organisation providing prayer/Jama'ah times of mosques within the borough. We had launched the project in December 2016 to make praying in the mosque easier for local residents and those visiting. Since then, we have also recently launched a like project for Redbridge.

We are currently raising funds for an all new Newham Mosques app on both Apple and Android. It is something that has been requested by users many times. Alhamdulillah our users have always been helpful with raising money, but as some may be aware, the costs for an app are hefty.

We need to raise £1500 to have the app developed for us, and an admin system to change the timetables monthly. Also an additional £100 to publish it on the app stores (rough figure). This will be paid in 3 instalments of £500s.

We can raise this with the help of our community. Our aim is to have the project reach every Muslim in the borough to use for their benefit. Allow us to continue expanding our project by donating:
1) Bank transfer to:
Name: Mr S Secretary
Bank: Barclays
Sort Code: 20-89-15
Account Number: 43756785

2) PayPal:

*Please quote reference 'NM' or 'Newham Mosques' when donating*
*A broadcast on whatsapp will be sent when the target is reached. Any extra donations will go towards future projects or given to a trustworthy charity*
*Donors/those interested in donating can request a special insight into the app design via email only:*