16-18 Pilgrims Way,

East Ham,


E6 1HW


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This masjid has facilities for sisters. Additional information: sisters prayer area open 20 minutes after the Jama'ah times above. Please do not attend before/during the jama'ah times as men may be praying upstairs. 


Directions: Find entrance to the masjid near the bus stop on Ron Leighton Way (black doors), and enter the sisters section by going to the furthest door on the left near the shoe rack that says 'Toilet and wudoo', then go up the stairs.

Newham and Redbridge Mosques are run by a small group of locals to make access to prayer times easy and convenient. This site may be useful for those living in Newham/Redbridge or are travelling to areas in the boroughs to find the locations and times for local Masajid.